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Hey what's good y'all. Thanks for stopping by to the University of Iowa Vietnamese Student Association's site. Hope final exams and final grades went went to all. Below are the updates from the conference call from the Executive Board. Happy summer all


            A. July 28th - 31st

            B. Who

                        - Lynn, Anthony, Miranda

            C. Drivers

                        - Lynn, Anthony, maybe Thien

            D. Registration

                        - Lynn, Anthony, Miranda are registered. This should be done ASAP;                                     inform Lynn when you have done so. Register at                                                               

            E. Hotel

                        - Staying the night before and the night after the conference.

            F. Transportation

                        - Paperwork needs to be done in IC beforehand.

            G. Scholarship

                        - can be found on website, covers registration, transportation,                                                 lodging. Everyone should look into this.

            H. T-shirt contest

                        - Winning design will get free admission and chance to model the                                                 shirt. Come up with designs and post them in VSA page. Theme is the                                     blueprint to our legacy.

II. 2011-2012 Events

            -Allocating a primary director for each event - to be done later

III. Tet Trung Thu

            A. September 4, 6:00 – 9:30 P.M.

            B. Entertainment

                        1. may be provided by Rosie's uncle

                        2. we might set up a sound system as well

                        3. Board members should come up with game ideas

            C. Food

                        -might be partially catered, partially potluck

            D. Lanterns

                        - money will be spent primarily on lanterns, should be easy to make, Rosie                         will try to find them

            E. Money

                        1. We would like to raise money by charging for games or lanterns

                        2. 25% of funds to Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP)

            F. Invitations

                        - In Vietnamese, let community know

            G. Cake

                        -Jenny can provide cake

IV. Camping Trip

            A. September 16-17

            B. Objectives

                        1. Retreat, team building exercises

                        2. Everyone should come up with an activity

            C. Campground

                        -We need to determine where we want to camp and book the area

            D. Tents

                        -We need tents from somewhere

            E. ISU will be joining us

V. Vietnamese Community of Quad Cities monthly meeting

            A. Can VSA sponsor the travel costs?

            B. Other members should consider going.

VI. Constitution

            A. Needs to be rewritten

            B. We'll put it off until school starts

VII. April Multicultural show

            -Lynn will contact Wong Fu about being there

VIII. Executive Board duties

            -Lynn will send out a new copy of duties

IX. Future Conference Calls

            -will be on alternate Mondays at 7:30 P.M.

|Peace. Love. Unity|


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