University of Iowa | Vietnamese Student Association

Lynn Nguyen (President)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Pharmacy and Japanese Minor

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Banh Xeo, Banh Mi Pate, & Pho

Fun facts: I enjoy cooking Italian food, hip hop dancing, anime

Miranda Jane Nielson (Treasurer)

Year: Sophomore

MajorInternational Studies,Emphasis in International Politics and Relations, Honors Emphasis in Global Artistic Tradition and Change, Minor in Spanish

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Pho

Fun facts: "I'm a natural blonde. I love penguins. I have a thing for bright pink shoes."

 Rosie Chan Nguyen (Vice President)

Year: Sophomore


Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Bun Bo Hue

Fun facts: "I LOVE Hello Kitty and baking. My friends think I'm funny."

Anthony Dang (Public Relations)

Year: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Pho

Fun facts: "I like playing tennis, running, and eating :)"


 Tuan Le (Sports Coordinator)

Year: Junior

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Pho

Fun facts: "I was born in Vietnam and I can play guitar."

Le Deo

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Nursing

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Pho, Bun Bo, Banh Canh

Fun facts: "I've been to 4 different countries in the last 5 years, and I love     drinking Boba Tea"


 Ann Ingebritson

Year: Freshman

Major: Psychology/Social Work

Favorite Vietnamese DishBánh cuốn

Fun facts: I love KPOP, I've been on about 90 flights. In high school, I was a basketball cheerleader flyer.

Lane Nguyen

Year: Junior

Major: Integrative Physiology/Pre-Pharmacy

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: All of my parents' cooking

Fun facts: I like to DJ in my free time, I like hip hop, and I would love to travel if I had to money to do so.


Thao Do

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Pharmacy Interest

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Pretty much all of them!

Fun facts: "I'm a huge multi-tasker. I can watch TV, play games, and do homework at the same time."

Thao My Nguyen

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Dentistry Interest

Favorite Vietnamese Dish: Bun Rieu

Fun facts:  I play volleyball. I like to to watch football with my girlfriends. I am only half Vietnamese.

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