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 VSA Minutes!!! April 19th, 2011



                Fundraisers and Events!

                    -Wednesday  April 20th at 7pm

                                -Award Ceremony

                                -Please come if you can it will be at the IMU main lounge

                                -VSA will be getting the Organization of the month.

                -Wednesday April 27th 6:30-8pm

                -Movie night.

                                -Korean Sushi

-Thursday April 28th 6:30-8pm

-Scavenger Hunt and discussion

-Trio and AI Approved event

-Friday April 29th 4-7pm

                                -Believing in Relieving fundraiser with JCA, JSSA, and Global Health Club.

                                - $2 admission

                                -Everyone needs be at this fundraiser event!

                                -Meeting tomorrow April 20th, 2011 with the other Orgs. At the IMU 3rd floor at 7pm

                -Friday April 29th 8pm-10pm

                                -Documentary and discussion on the Fall of Saigon

                                -All VSA Members must be there!

                                -Lau and Beverages

                                -Survey and reviewing the whole year

                                                -****Lang and Hannah Please write a survey

                                -Please wear Black to help raise awareness for all the people in Vietnam that passes on

                                that day.


Camping trip is Cancelled till the Fall of 2011

                -Most likely to be in late August Early September

                -APACC from Iowa State and maybe Grinnell College will be joining us for the Camping Trip.


Last VSA mtg the week before Finals!!!! (T_T)


Ideas for Future event Next Year 2011-2012!

                -Battle of the Orgs

                                -Incorporating the organizations to do a live action battle (tag)

                                -Own outfits and raise $400 to one Philanthropy

                                -The last person standing is the winner, and the winner from the org they are from will

                                Get a prize.


Please Contact Lynn if you are able to go to the UNASVA Trip in Denver, Colorado!!

                -it will be during the summer July 31st-August 3rd

-We were able to receive $600 from the UISG!

Thank you to the people at the Lunar New Year Celebration! Everyone was amazing! (^_^)


Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting tonight and if you were not able to come to the meeting we missed you and hope you are safe. :) Study hard and strive to be the best for finals coming up! Don't forget to have fun (^_^)

Love. Unity. Peace --- Rosie Nguyen VP


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